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The history of our NYC Photo Booth rental business goes back to several years ago when we realized a studio is limiting. Flexibility and convenience of clients are restricted if you only operate from specific premises somewhere in the city. Moreover, a photographer’s creativity is limited because any change of design will be permanent and will have to fit all photo needs. The drive to improve consumer experience attributed to the development of photo booths. Clients often came with different preferences on how they would want their photo to appear but we were limited with the rigidity of studio equipment. Also, our designers could not fully explore their potential because of the permanent nature of any decorations within a studio.

We started with traditional photo booths where a material of solid color was the background. This is no longer pleasant; it does not fit photography quality demand in the 21st century. We enhanced the photo booths with background lighting and paintings for different theme impressions. Today, clients can send a request prior to their event and our designers will work on the props and lighting to ensure it matches an event’s theme.

It does not take us long to develop a suitable photo booth for your birthday or wedding. However, we do not rush anything because we believe in accuracy so you don’t have to visit or call us every time for corrections. It is not only inconveniencing for you as a client but to our designers because they have to handle other projects.

Why Pick us?

Looking around for “NYC Photo Booth Rental”?… Hiring a photo booth is an investment for your investment; we understand this fact and endeavor to be reliable and accurate in our products and services. There is an endless photo booth renting companies in the market, we don’t take it for granted you choosing to subscribe to our services.

We strive to deliver our photo booths in the exact number and style as requested within the given time limits. Our professionals are also available on live chat on the company’s official website as well as an email; use any at your convenience for a quick response.

You won’t be anxious while your guests are streaming in because of a delayed delivery. Our technicians get to the location a day before your stated date to fix the photo booths and test lighting among other things even before your first guest arrives.

Also, our customer service team is reliable. We are available 24 hours a day every day of the week to handle any arising issues with your order. You can actually request for photos to check on the progress of your photo booth order; you are also welcome at our offices to supervise the project to ensure everything as per your requirements.

Our customer service representatives have deep knowledge in the photography field hence reliable answers on the nature of our services and your preferences; all you need is a call.

Our prices are competitive and flexible; don’t worry about the costs, there is always something from us. Our services are divided into packages to suit different client needs and budgets. We believe fun and entertainment in your kid’s birthday and family wedding should not be hindered by finances.’s NYC Photo Booth Rental

Previously, photo booths were associated with passport photos and fun photos where groups of people would squeeze in a tight space for one photo. Times have changed and photo booths are no longer stationery in stores; they are now portable.

The digital age is making everything easy; photos can now be printed in seconds. Booths are also available for hire depending on the size and additional components. Usually, trends and fashions are a repetition or enhancement of the past; the photography and design fields are no exception.

Photo booths have existed since the early 1920s. At some point, photo booths faded in popularity and gave in to garden shoots, which have dominated the photography industry for a significant time. The cycle continued and photo booths are once again in the market; actually, they are a must-have for anyone organizing a party or wedding.

The NYC Photo Booth Rental Pros

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NYC photo booth rental companies are renowned for beautiful impressions and customized designs on every theme. Clients can choose among manufacturer provided themes and designs or specify according to the preferences of color and size. The business is rapidly growing across the world with more people opting for photo booths at their weddings.

It is important to place your order with us –at the NYC Photo Booth Rental branch– several weeks before your scheduled event date for best reparations and corrections where necessary. You can’t afford to make a mistake with a photo booth; it should be stylish and relevant to the guest. This is why you should only engage professionals like us at!- with extensive experience in quality and market needs.


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Whenever you are hosting a party in your home or part of wedding planning, be sure to include a photo booth in your budget because it is indispensable for the entertainment of guests. It is also for your sake as the host because you will have memories of the event.

Photo booths guarantee quality photos because they are customized to match the settings of a studio. While nothing beats natural light, professional photography involves full control over lighting and environment. Our photo booths allow you to increase or reduce the intensity of light as well as customize the background. Contact us today at -NYC Photo Booth Rental for a Free Estimate or for booking!.

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▼Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

So happy with my service from Snap it! Photobooths. The communication was far too great and everybody absolutely loved their fun picture strips. I adore the book that was put together with the photo strips, it was absolutely fun to stare at the following day and to keep it and show it in the future to my friends and family. I highly recommend! for your wedding!

Emily Doe

Chicago, IL

The people at Snap it! NYC Photo Booth rental company did a wonderful job!. With how stressful it can be to plan and organize a huge wedding, Snap it Photobooth was one of the smoothest things to book and have it set up. I’d highly recommend Snap it Photobooth to anyone for sure!

Oliver R.

Miami, FL

Wow! Where do I start?. How can I thank you for making such a memorable day for my husband and I. We can’t thank you enough for finding us the perfect crowd so we could enjoy the Snap it! Photobooth. We just love staring and looking through the Memory Book that was put together!.

Jennifer L.

Long Island, NY

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